German heritage, lakefront fun and historical surroundings brew life and energy in the "City of Festivals." Discover the new and old Milwaukee in these Instagram moments.

By Leah De Graaf
August 06, 2014
Milwaukee Art Museum by @brandonexplores

1. Anticipating art

Milwaukee Art Museum by @brandonexplores

Milwaukee Art Museum by @brandonexplores

2. Beach watch

Bradford Beach by @vrenov

3. Dramatic pair

Pabst Theater and Milwaukee City Hall by @meagainoneil

4. Fast lane

Harley Davidson Museum by @__heavy_metal__

5. Fresh views

Harbor House by @_agk_

6. Star player

Miller Park by @jonathantorrell

7. Fierce face

Milwaukee County Zoo by @justinleephotos1

8. Milk alchemy

Kopp's Frozen Custard by @photog6

9. Blue Ribbon stay

The Brewhouse Inn and Suites by @danvogues

10. Pointed lessons

Milwaukee Public Museum by @epcotexpert

11. Vivid experiences

Discovery World by @linehlau

12. Top hops

Lakefront Brewery by @bonessssa

13. Ornate elegance

The Pfister Hotel by @chyannerose

14. Glistening passage

View of the Third Ward by @mickyisawesome

15. Heritage feast

German food by @shadteks

16. Reflecting style

Pabst Mansion by @josealezreal

17. Aerial advantage

Summerfest by @rmanske11

18. Shining performance

Marcus Center for the Performing Arts by @chrisdegnan

19. Espresso yourself

Colectivo Coffee at the Milwaukee River Flushing Station by @wenzeldarren

20. Keeping time

North Point Lighthouse by @woulfer