Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Top Things to Do in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Titletown, USA, sure loves its Packers. And you'll want to visit Lambeau Field and the Titletown entertainment district. But you'll find plenty of other things to explore as well, including the National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Botanical Garden and Heritage Hill State Historical Park.
Explore Green Bay's Titletown Entertainment District
Next door to the Packers' stadium, the just-opened Titletown entertainment district promises to change how people play year-round in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Top 8 Spots to Hit in Green Bay
For many people, Green Bay = the Packers. Yes, the fabled citizen-owned football team is a huge part of the community's identity. But the city of 100,000 that hugs the bottom of―you guessed it―Green Bay offers fun, interesting spots to visit that have nothing to do with football.
Two-Day Getaway to Green Bay, Wisconsin
Green Bay boasts leafy outdoor spaces, great restaurants—and passion for the only fan-owned team in the NFL.