Perhaps best known as home of the posh The Osthoff Resort and its Aspira spa, Elkhart Lake (an hour north of Milwaukee) packs a few active surprises, too.
The Osthoff Resort on Elkhart Lake
The Osthoff Resort on Elkhart Lake.

Fall visitors to Elkhart Lake can choose from plenty of active adventures.

Hop a hydrobike Glide along Elkhart Lake's aquamarine waters on a hydrobike-a mash-up of a bicycle and a pontoon. Watersports on Elkhart Lake rents them by the hour, and the expansive lake gives you room to play.

Race a golf cart-blindfolded Gather your crew and head to Road America, a twisting closed-road race course for a challenge like no other. Through their Driving Olympics Adventure program, you can test your senses with a relay race along an obstacle-strewn course, with nothing but frantic directions from your in-cart teammates to guide you. Not for you? Other packages include driving race cars on one of the country's longest racing circuits.

Master crepes suzette Wisconsin might be the land of beer and cheese, but at The Osthoff Resort's cooking school, L'ecole de la Maison, classes focus on decidedly French dishes. Master the classics in a three-hour European Brunch workshop (featuring crepes, omelets and quiches) or a day-long Bouchon Lyon course (French onion soup, potato croquettes and lyonnaise salad).

The Osthoff Resort on Elkhart Lake
The Osthoff Resort on Elkhart Lake

Take in Native American history The ancient effigy mounds found on the 170-acre Henschel's Indian Museum and Trout Farm take the shapes of birds and lizards, and the red ochre burial mound (from 600 to 800 BC) is the state's oldest. After exploring the mounds, cast a lure for one of the leaping trout-no license required.

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