Door County, Wisconsin

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Top Things to Do in Door County, Wisconsin
On a peninsula jutting into Lake Michigan, this one county contains 300 miles of shoreline and 10 waterfront towns. You’ll find wineries, orchards, boutiques, art galleries, lighthouses and hiking trails. Check out our picks for what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Door County.
Taking Winter's Pulse in Door County, Wisconsin
Deep in the woods, life beats beneath the frozen still of Wisconsin's Door County Peninsula.
Back Road: Fyr Ball at Ephraim, Wisconsin
An annual ceremony with Scandinavian roots celebrates the return of longer, sunnier days in Door County, Wisconsin.
Tap Door County's Artsy Spirit
Explore Door County's rich arts heritage in hands-on studios, theaters, galleries and festivals.
5 Ways to Explore Door County's Winter Magic
The best time to visit Wisconsin's Door County? Don't be surprised to hear many visitors say, "Winter." Besides the obvious advantages—great deals on lodging and no summer crowds—the biggest rewards can be breathtaking new ways to experience the beauty of this peninsula that stretches 70 miles into Lake Michigan.
The Ultimate Guide to Door County's Charming Towns and Islands
Without giving up on sweet cherry wine and fish boils, the legendary peninsula has discovered its cool side. We'll show you where to find it—town by picturesque town.