An historic downtown, picturesque parks and zoo fill the town best known for its famous resident, artist Terry Redlin. Things to do in Watertown include visiting the Goss Opera House and Gallery, the Redlin Art Center and eating at Lunkers or the Common Ground Coffee House.

What to do

Crystal Springs Rodeo It's not exactly the biggest, but this rodeo in June is one of the best location-wise. It's held in a bowl created by glaciers thousands of years ago: no bleachers, no stadium. Bring a blanket and grab a spot on the hillside to enjoy the show. In Clear Lake, about 27 miles southeast of Watertown.

Goss Opera House and Gallery Check the website for the performances schedule.

Lake Kampeska Clear waters—typical of lakes in the Coteau de Prairies region—invite swimming and year-round fishing.

Redlin Art Center Paved trails weave around the galleries showing original oil paintings by native son Terry Redlin.

Redlin Art Center South Dakota
Photo courtesy of Redlin Art Center
| Credit: Courtesy of Redlin Art Center

Where to stay

Ramkota Hotel and Watertown Event Center Stay here for the upscale rooms, on-site restaurant and swimming pool. 

For information: Watertown Convention and Visitors Bureau (800) 658-4505;