The Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati is showing off its creative side in response to the pandemic, creating unusual artworks for walkers or drivers to enjoy.

Scarecrows, dragons, skeletons and other creations have popped up on the front porches and yards of Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood—a “ScareCorona” art show that will be up at least through May 21.

Northside neighbors Tina Gutierrez and Rene Micheo organized the show and set up a Facebook page to coordinate it. “Using materials and clothing from around the house, construct a silly, scary or whatever you are feeling figure,” the page suggests. “Let’s make a walking, driving art show by and for our community, ourselves and others that we can all enjoy while social distancing.”

The Facebook page says the art is “a variation on the classic scarecrow. Let’s get medieval and scare that virus away.”

More than 120 scarecoronas have been made; a map shows the location of many. Creations have been made out of boxes, cans, old clothing, towels, even recycled medicine bottles.

Residents and visitors have been excited both to make and to see the art.

“Folks in my neighborhood are making “scare-coronas” during #quarantine,” says @teppy623. “I love my neighborhood so much.”

“This #cincinnatirollergirls #scarecorona in #northside is ready to hip check that virus right off track,” says @cincyrollergirls.

“Stay wonderfully weird, Northside,” says @themidge00.