Ohio-based Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks is known around the world for award-winning pyrotechnic displays—including Cincinnati’s signature Labor Day weekend show.

Since 1895, Rozzi's Famous Fireworks has produced elaborate fireworks displays designed to captivate the imagination with color, light and sound.

It all started with Paolo Rozzi, great-grandfather of the current company head, Nancy Rozzi. Paolo founded the company in southern Italy in 1985, emigrated to Pennsylvania, and in 1930 his son Arthur moved the business to Loveland, 20 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

Since then, Rozzi's Famous Fireworks has grown into a company that produces pyrotechnic displays worldwide. The team currently produce about 300 to 400 displays annually around the U.S. as well as in Europe and Canada and has won awards in competitions around the globe.

In Cincinnati, their work includes a show on the Sunday before Labor Day every year, concluding an all-day party called Riverfest. The tradition began in 1977, as a 10th birthday celebration for rock station WEBN. In the decades since, the show has gained a cosponsor (Western and Southern Financial Group) and grown into one of the Midwest's largest and most elaborate fireworks displays, a 30-minute spectacular hosted by four cities in two states and drawing a half-million spectators.

For the Rozzis, this type of show reflects the craftsmanship and innovation they've developed over the last 125 years as the business was passed through the family: from Paolo to his son Arthur Rozzi Sr., then his grandsons Joseph and Paul, and now his great-grandchildren Nancy, Joe and Kathy. The fifth generation has also come on board with Michael Lutz, Nancy's and Joe's nephew.

Joseph Rozzi
Joseph Rozzi
| Credit: Courtesy of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks
Rozzi's Famous Fireworks Truck
Rozzi's Famous Fireworks Truck circa 1955
| Credit: Courtesy of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks

Nancy Rozzi serves as president, Joe Rozzi as vice president of sales and pyro designer, and Kathy Rozzi as client liaison and pre-production. Lutz is vice president of finance and operations, soundtrack engineer and pyrotechnic display designer.

Their goal? "Growth and continuing to produce innovative displays as well as new effects with our Italian partner Panzera," says Joe Rozzi.