North Dakota Tourism has added a special surprise for sunflower lovers this year—mailboxes with free edible sunflower seeds.

North Dakota’s sunflowers are at peak bloom at many areas across the state, spreading a golden glow that photographers love to capture. This year there’s yet another reason to visit 17 of the state’s sunflower fields: North Dakota Tourism has put up mailboxes with free packets of sunflower seeds.

Sunflower Mailbox
Credit: Courtesy of North Dakota Tourism

You can find a map of the fields and a description of their bloom status here.

Some fun facts about sunflowers:

• North Dakota raises more than 38 percent of all sunflowers in the United States.

• The National Sunflower Association reports 470,000 acres of sunflowers were planted across North Dakota in 2019.

• Although the best time see North Dakota’s sunflowers varies, peak viewing season is typically mid-August. The flowers are at peak for about two weeks.

• Farmers rotate their crops to maintain the health of their soil. So sunflower chasers, take note: A field filled with sunflowers this year may be blooming with wheat the next.

Meanwhile, grab those photos while you can!