Nebraska's largest city will never abandon its taste for a thick, juicy steak. But that doesn't mean freshly flown-in oysters and vegan mac and cheese can't fit in, too. Check out the sizzling array of restaurants that are changing the flavor of Omaha.

Plank Seafood Provisions brings a splash of coastal flair to Omaha's popular Old Market district with ocean murals on the walls, an oyster bar and the skeleton of a boat hanging from the ceiling.

Fresh oysters at Plank Seafood Provisions.
Fresh oysters at Plank Seafood Provisions

Light from an antique chandelier illuminates the exposed brick walls of the 19th-century building housing Wilson and Washburn. With 24 craft beers on tap and cocktails like the Josie Washburn (Bombay Sapphire gin, lavender and German wheat beer), you won't thirst for variety here on the outskirts of the Old Market.

Wilson and Washburn has 24 beers on tap.
Wilson and Washburn has 24 beers on tap

Ingredients sourced from area farms, gardens and dairies flavor Over Easy's custardy pancakes served in skillets with homemade jam and the bread pudding-like cranberry-almond French toast studded with raisins. In a hurry? Grab a buttery homemade Pop-Tart at the drive-through.

Over Easy's reclaimed decor
Over Easy's reclaimed decor

Unadorned white walls and stark black booths and chairs keep the focus on the food at Italian Avoli Osteria, a Dundee neighborhood hot spot. Not to be missed: the Bistecca Grilliata, a rare and tender 30-ounce Piedmontese ribeye from an Italian cow bred in Nebraska (who knew?).

New York City transplant Isa Moskowitz cranks out comfort food and desserts from a small kitchen in Modern Love, a 13-table vegan beacon. The Mac and Shews—an utterly creamy cashew-based version of macaroni and cheese—left us wondering if the dairy-free label was a mistake.

Chefs say the scene is:

"A vastly growing portion of life in this city. There are some great chefs putting out amazing items all over this town." Travis Cochran, executive chef at Wilson and Washburn

"Getting local. The best, juiciest tomatoes I've ever eaten were grown right here in Omaha." Isa Moskowitz, chef and owner of Modern Love

"Continually improving. The last decade has seen a major growth in chef-driven restaurants." Dario Schicke, executive chef and owner of Avoli Osteria

"A community. Competition is foreign to us. We want to see other places succeed because that's a win for the community as a whole." Tim Maides, chef at Over Easy