Minnesota photographer Thomas Strand focuses his lens on helping displaced pets find permanent homes.

As a volunteer for Secondhand Hounds, Thomas Strand usually helped the Minneapolis rescue organization with animal transit and home inspections-until he offered to pet-sit a fostered bloodhound for five days. "Buford was this big character, so I started doing photos of him. That's how he found his forever home," Thomas says. Now, if a dog or cat isn't attracting adoption applications, Thomas donates a photo shoot. He compares it to helping pets craft a better Tinder profile: "I take them for the afternoon or a few days. We're hanging together, and their personality starts to come through. People can see that in the photos." And as any veteran of online dating knows, a standout profile pic is the first step to finding the perfect match.

Secondhand Hounds rescue organization
Portrait of Moses by Thomas Strand.

Rescue Me

For many at-risk pets, Secondhand Hounds is the last hope. Here's a glimpse of the nonprofit's work.

Fighter Fund Healing abused or injured animals before adoption costs more than $1 million annually in vet bills. Donations make it possible.

Forever loved If an animal is too old or ill for adoption, Secondhand Hounds arranges a hospice foster in a comfy, loving home.

SHH International  This satellite program has helped street dogs from Mexico and hurricane victims from Puerto Rico find homes in Minnesota.

Secondhand Hounds rescue organization
Portrait of Latte by Thomas Strand.
Secondhand Hounds rescue organization
Portrait of Ducky and Toni by Thomas Strand.