Minneapolis-based Dog Threads designs playful apparel and accessories inspired by a little dog’s big personality.
Dog Threads Family Apparel
Dog Threads founders Gina and Scott Davis with son Ziggy and rescue pup Jonesy
| Credit: Courtesy of DOG THREADS

Thomas was as vibrant as his favorite Hawaiian shirt. So this Pomapoo's people, Gina and Scott Davis, designed a wardrobe that allowed his true colors to shine. "Thomas would do zoomies around the house every time we took out one of his shirts, practically doing somersaults of excitement. It was the cutest thing," Gina says. His unbridled joy inspired the couple to launch Dog Threads, a line of premium apparel for animals and their humans.

Funky button-downs, graphic tees, fall flannels—each item is ethically sourced and produced with an emphasis on quality and fit. Most items come in both two- and four-legged sizes, perfect for family photos or twinning around the neighborhood. shopdogthreads.com

Dog Threads Brand
Thomas the Pomapoo wears the Tailgate Pocket Tee
| Credit: Courtesy of Dog Threads
Dog Threads Sherpa Jacket
Credit: Courtesy of Dog Threads

Thomas crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018, but his legacy lives on through every item sold. Dog Threads donates 2 percent of sales to nonprofit animal rescues, chosen by customers each quarter through the #RaiseForMyRescue giveaway on Instagram.