In just over a week, a bracelet fundraiser in a Minneapolis suburb has brought in tens of thousands of dollars to benefit local food drives and businesses.

Nine-year-old Kamryn Johnson heard about George Floyd’s death and wanted to help. She and her friends decided to make bracelets to raise money for people in need.

A little over a week later, she’s raised an astonishing $50,000, and donations continue to pour in. She was featured Monday morning on Good Morning America.

“I like helping people and I just hope that the money that we earn can build up some black businesses and provide the food and water that they need,” Kamryn told show host Robin Roberts.

While Kamryn has raised hundreds of dollars just at her front yard stand through sales and donations, her success has also been boosted by her dad’s social media support.

Kamryn’s father Ron, a University of Minnesota football star and former NFL player, is a football analyst for local TV and radio. He’s helped publicize his daughter’s efforts, and donations have come in from both corporations and individuals.

“We are super proud of her. This turned into a much bigger deal than we ever could have imagined,” Kamryn’s mother Shani told Good Morning America.

In addition to raising money, the bracelet campaign has allowed for positive conversations about racial issues.

“Every time a customer comes, I always tell them why we’re doing this,” said Kamryn, who lives in the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen.

“The other day a man just came up to us and he just started crying, and he just said, ‘I’m so sorry,’ ” Shani recalled. “Not only are we getting to have these conversations that we normally wouldn’t have been able to have, but people are wanting to do differently, so that this world can be changed.”

If you’d like to help, you can visit the GoFundMe page for Kamryn's efforts. The family says donations will help support Sanctuary Church Food Drive, Kyle Rudolph Food/Supply Drive for Minneapolis and rebuilding efforts for businesses affected by the riots.