Traverse City, Michigan

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Top Things to Do in the Traverse City, Michigan, Area
Lively experiences—wine-country tours by bike, pub crawls by water and sailing on a replica schooner—color escapes to this Lake Michigan harbor town and its neighbors. Check out our guide to what to do, where to eat and where to stay in the Traverse City area.
Why Traverse City, Michigan, Is a Food Paradise
In northern Michigan, the lake shapes the climate. The climate creates the ingredients. And the ingredients make the meal. Just ask the chefs who call Traverse City their home.
Top 10 Things for Active Travelers to Do in Traverse City
Stunning views of Lake Michigan reward adventure-seekers in Traverse City during an active Midwest weekend getaway.
Top Things to Do with Kids in Traverse City
Traverse City's stunning beaches, arts, culture, parks and kid-friendly restaurants make this northern Michigan town a destination the whole family can enjoy.
Why Northern Michigan's Wine Country Is a Winter Wonderland
Spend a long weekend Nordic skiing and snowshoeing through the vineyards of northern Michigan, where winter plays so nicely, you won't want the season to end. 
Find Great Food, Vineyards and Lighthouses in Traverse City
When you visit the largest city on Michigan's Sunset Coast, you get a twofer—a bustling town with great food and drink, plus the whole glorious region around it, rich with vineyards, orchards, lighthouses and sand dunes.