Old-school lake vacation charm meets B&B-style hospitality at Tee Lake Resort in Lewiston, Michigan (77 miles east of Traverse City).

Tee Lake Resort has four 2-bedroom cabins with appreciably above-par decor: Contemporary furniture and bedding, clean kitchens and thoughtful touches like pails of beach towels and clotheslines for hanging wet suits. Amenities include a swimming beach, docks, volleyball nets, lawn games and a lakeside bonfire pit. Owner Dave Gugel mails welcome letters to guests, many of whom book the full property for family reunions. From $110 per night; $650 per week. (989) 786-2208; teelakeresort.com


Fan favorite Thanks to MWL Facebook fan Kym Kinsley for tipping us off to Tee Lake Resort. "Their decorating for Halloween and Christmas is off the hook," she adds. Looks like we need to plan a return visit in the fall!

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Ideas we love

Our trip to Tee Lake inspired us to bring the resort's summer spirit home for a breezy backyard party.

Direct the fun To point guests to drinks or games, stencil words on scrap lumber nailed to a post. (Or make mini signs as buffet labels.)


Watch your move Cut and sand two-by-fours to make an oversize Jenga set. (Aim for 48–54 pieces.) Prefab versions sold on Etsy.


S'more bar Make the DIY dessert memorable with out-of-the-ordinary ingredients: gourmet chocolate bars, chopped nuts, peanut butter, banana or chocolate-hazelnut spread.