Wichita, Kansas

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The Best of What's New in Wichita

For decades, Wichita has built a reputation on aviation. Now restaurants, sleek shops and a major new ballpark are elevating Kansas’ biggest city.

Top Things to Do in Wichita

Cowboys pushing cattle across the Kansas prairie longed for a view of Wichita on the horizon. Today, the city of 390,000 still makes a great stop. Check out our list of what to do, where to eat and where to stay.

The Weekend: Wichita, Kansas

Project Editor Jess Hoffert shares his top spots for a weekend in Wichita.

7 Ways You'll be Wowed in Wichita

This city of more than 600,000 people draws travelers with attractions like the Old Town district, where turn-of-the-century brick buildings have found second life as art galleries and restaurants, and a notable lineup of museums.

Two-Day Getaway to Wichita

Old West spirit meets urban energy in Wichita, where travelers find contemporary fine arts and a restored Old Town.