Wichita, Kansas

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Discover a Burgeoning Dining Scene and Riverfront Museum District in Wichita
As cowboys pushed the great cattle herds across Kansas' endless plains, they longed to glimpse Wichita on the horizon. Today, the city—with museums along the riverfront and fresh dining options—makes a welcome oasis along Interstate-35.
This Kansas Shoe Designer Is Living a Childhood Dream
Inspired by her Peruvian roots, a Kansas shoemaker fashions the snazzy shoes she never had.
Top Things to Do in Wichita
Cowboys pushing cattle across the Kansas prairie longed for a view of Wichita on the horizon. Today, the city of almost 400,000 still makes a great stop. Check out our list of what to do, where to eat and where to stay.
7 Ways You'll be Wowed in Wichita
This city of more than 600,000 people draws travelers with attractions like the Old Town district, where turn-of-the-century brick buildings have found second life as art galleries and restaurants, and a notable lineup of museums.
Two-Day Getaway to Wichita
Old West spirit meets urban energy in Wichita, where travelers find contemporary fine arts and a restored Old Town.