A stellar space center, the hometown of aviatrix Amelia Earhart and a wide-open prairie inspire a spirit of adventure in the Sunflower State. Travel to the Flint Hills, Wichita, Atchison, Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City and more great Kansas destinations.

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Take a Trip Down Kansas City's Taco Trail
Barbecue hogs the spotlight in Kansas City, Missouri, but a diverse Mexican food scene warrants a special trip across the state line into Kansas City, Kansas.
Top Things to Do in Wichita
Cowboys pushing cattle across the Kansas prairie longed for a view of Wichita on the horizon. Today, the city of almost 400,000 still makes a great stop. Check out our list of what to do, where to eat and where to stay.
Top Things to Do in Manhattan, Kansas, and the Flint Hills
Roam the largest stretch of unplowed tallgrass prairie left in North America, small towns that pack a lot of history and Kansas State University’s vibrant hometown of Manhattan. Check out our guide of what to do, where to eat and where to stay in Manhattan and the Flint Hills.
Top Things to Do in Topeka
The Evel Knievel Museum's recent arrival injected fresh energy in the state capital. But sites that explore Kansas' roots and a landmark court decision reflect the importance history holds too.
20 Top Things to Do in Kansas
Like its endless-sky sunsets, the Sunflower State expands horizons with urban exploration and cultural experiences.
Former Singer Finds New Haven at Kansas Arboretum
A rural Kansas arboretum takes an unexpected star turn—and a drop-in visitor finds himself planting trees with a musical legend.

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Inspired by her Peruvian roots, a Kansas shoemaker fashions the snazzy shoes she never had.
This Kansas Farm Makes the Most of Berries and Goat Milk
At Elderslie Farm in Kechi, Kansas, delicious comes in two hues—the deep purple-black of fresh berries and the snowy white of goat milk. For a few precious weeks, you can taste them both.
Back Road: Summiting Kansas

The state's highest point—4,039 feet above sea level—meets our writer's expectations: A metal sunflower sculpture. A mailbox with a guest book. And infinite pasture.