Decorah, Iowa

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Decorah, Iowa: A Mountain Town Without Mountains

In the Driftless Area of northeast Iowa, Decorah has become a magnet for freethinkers, nature-lovers and beer nerds. They're proving you don't need mountains to build a mountain town.

5 Great Reasons to Visit Decorah

In the state's northeast corner, Decorah has deep Norwegian roots, a popular bike trail and some really good restaurants.

Overnight Getaway to Decorah

Decorah lies in the Iowa's northeast corner and embraces its Norwegian roots with old-world touches.

Two-Day Decorah Itinerary

People arrive from around the globe to watch Decorah's most famous residents—a pair of bald eagles nesting by the Trout Hatchery. But Decorah offers much more than these web celebrities, including a bike trail, beautiful bluffs, a charming downtown and artsy shops.

Top Things to Do in Decorah

In the state’s northeast corner, Decorah (population: 8,200) has deep Norwegian roots and great outdoor adventures.