Decorah, Iowa

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One-Day Itinerary in Decorah, Iowa
This northeast Iowa town has become a magnet for freethinkers, nature-lovers and beer nerds.
Fall Road Trip to Decorah, Iowa
Our content editor enjoys a couple's weekend at the winsome home of Luther College, with hiking, shopping and an excess of ice cream.
Decorah, Iowa: A Mountain Town Without Mountains
In the Driftless Area of northeast Iowa, Decorah has become a magnet for freethinkers, nature-lovers and beer nerds. They're proving you don't need mountains to build a mountain town.
Overnight Getaway to Decorah
Decorah lies in the Iowa's northeast corner and embraces its Norwegian roots with old-world touches.
Top Things to Do in Decorah
In the state’s northeast corner, Decorah (population: 8,200) has deep Norwegian roots and great outdoor adventures.