Prime for antique shopping, Richmond also offers a Chocolate Trail and stops on the Stained Glass Trail.
Model T Ford Museum Richmond Indiana
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Antique Alley

The lion's share of the 900-plus antiques stores on Antique Alley—a stretch of US-40 between Richmond and Knightstown—are located in Richmond.

Chocolate Trail

This self-guided trail leads to cafes, bakeries and more.

Richmond Art Museum 

Sparkling after a $1.7 million renovation; works include pieces by the Richmond Group art colony, which dates to 1870.

Joseph Moore Museum

What started as a professor's collection of natural history objects evolved into a museum at Earlham College.

Model T Ford Museum

Discover the inner workings of a Model T and examine the collection of historical vehicles at this former transportation hub.

Reid Presbyterian Church
Stained Glass Trail: Reid Presbyterian Church
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Stained Glass Trail

Nearly 70 stained-glass windows can be seen on this trail, which leads to the Morrisson-Reeves Library and three churches.

Wayne County Historical Museum

Contributions from residents have documented the history of a county that was a popular portal during America's westward expansion.

Eat and Drink

Galo's Italian Grill

Pasta, seafood, steaks and wood-fired pizza star at this locally owned restaurant. Dine under a ceiling painted like the night sky.

Little Sheba's

The half-pound Sheba Burger and Dani's Reuben sandwich are guaranteed hits. Try the pasta salad or potato salad on the side.


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