South Bend, Indiana

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Top Things to Do in South Bend, Indiana
Football fans flood South Bend to cheer the University of Notre Dame's Fighting Irish. But football isn't the only draw in this picturesque town; attractions such as historic mansions, The National Studebaker Museum, the Morris Performing Arts Center and the South Bend Museum of Art merit a stop, too.
The Weekend: South Bend, Indiana
Tales of Knute Rockne, the Touchdown Jesus mural and football icons may bring you to this northern Indiana city, but there's a whole lot more going on around the Bend.
Last Call
Murf—the full-time bartender at the University of Notre Dame's Morris Inn since 1982—is the bartender we all wish we had in our lives. He's funny, he's wise, he's well-connected, he's reassuring. And most of all, he's there when we need him, whether that's for a celebration or for a darker hour. This is his story.
8 Reasons to Visit South Bend in Fall (Beyond Football)
On fall weekends, the city of South Bend, Indiana, swells with legions of diehard football fans. They come to cheer on the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame and to snap photos of the university's famous Touchdown Jesus mural. But football isn't the only fall draw in this picturesque college town. Here are eight more reasons to visit South Bend this season.