Indiana Dunes, Indiana

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Top Things to Do in Indiana Dunes
Pack a variety of gear to enjoy Lake Michigan activities: a swimsuit for the beach at Indiana Dunes National Park, hiking shoes for the trails of Indiana Dunes State Park and an appetite for comfort food.
Take a Wild Fall Getaway to Indiana Dunes
When Lake Michigan cools and the leaves begin to turn, the sand-and-sun destination of the Indiana Dunes lets its woods-hiking, bird-spying, bike-riding side take center stage.
Two–Day Getaway to Indiana Dunes
Enjoy 15 miles of Lake Michigan coastline at the Indiana Dunes, one hour southeast of Chicago.
Indiana Dunes Becomes Indiana's First National Park
More than a century after Indiana's dunes were first considered for national park status, the state's national lakeshore is now officially a national park.