Visit state parks and recreation areas near Galena on our scenic loop drive.

July 26, 2012
Mississippi Palisades State Park.

If your fall plans include a shopping weekend in Galena, make time for a fresh-air escape to the state parks and recreation areas outside town: Mississippi Palisades for river views, White Pines Forest for thick groves, Lowden Memorial for The Eternal Indian (aka Black Hawk) statue and Lake Le-Aqua-Na for trail rides. Pick up a fall driving tour brochure in Freeport, and eat ice cream at Union Dairy, next to the site of a Lincoln-Douglas debate. Picnic at a scenic overlook for lunch.

Mississippi Palisades State Park

Heavenly dining On the way back to Galena, stop for a steak or seafood dinner in Elizabeth at The Holy Mackerel in a renovated white clapboard church.

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