Find your Zen within the cosmos at Chicago's Adler Planetarium.
Adler Planetarium Yoga
Adler Planetarium Yoga

Part sky show, part yoga class, Adler Planetarium's monthly yoga gathering takes you deep into the solar system that is the Grainger Sky Theater's domed ceiling. Even with room for 75, the Saturday morning sessions sell out well in advance. The draw: a simulated night sky glittering with constellations and the occasional arc of a shooting star.

Between the instructor's spoken directions, a narrator's voice comes in through the speakers to share a mini astronomy lesson as the projection overhead takes you past Saturn's rings and other celestial landmarks.

Adler Planetarium Yoga
Photo: David Miller/Adler Planetarium

While the hour includes plenty of time for reflection, it's the Shavasana, or final relaxation pose, that provides the longest look at the ever-moving sky above-a reminder that we're all pretty small in the scope of the universe.

Sun Salutations (and Stars, Too) is open to anyone age 10 or older. The $20 session fee ($15 for members) also nets you an all-day pass to the planetarium. Watch the website to register up to three months in advance (