It's time to get creative—and stay safe, too! Sidewalk chalk drawings and window art can spread a little joy in your neighborhood during social distancing.

Neighborhoods around the Midwest (and the nation) are adopting ideas like #ChalkTheWalk to encourage creativity, send positive messages and try for at-a-distance bonding during coronavirus restrictions.

@kelsygross's family in Dayton, Ohio, created this heartwarming message for neighbors to see when they walk by:

Many others are sharing creations on Instagram, too. We like @mikanny1’s note–“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud (but 6 feet apart).”

Other families such as @hartmanhomestead in Minneapolis are making colorful art to put in their windows:

Here’s a sunny message from @myrodoodles:

You can also encourage your kids to draw a hopscotch pattern or maze on the sidewalk.

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Editorial assistant Cheyann Neades contributed to research for this story.