The classic French dessert is absurdly simple; soak crepes in buttery, boozy, orange-flavor syrup, then serve with whipped cream. Although unflavored Sweet Crepes are traditional in this dish, you could make a delicious orange-chocolate variation by substituting Cocoa Crepes.

Source: Midwest Living


Recipe Summary

25 mins
12 crepes


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Instructions Checklist
  • In a large skillet, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add zest, orange juice and sugar. Cook and stir until sugar is dissolved. Bring to boiling. Reduce heat and boil gently about 3 minutes or until reduced and slightly thickened. Remove from heat and stir in liqueur.

  • Return the skillet to low heat. Add a crepe to the skillet. Using tongs, fold the crepe into quarters. Transfer to dessert plates or a serving platter, allowing excess syrup to run off back into the skillet. Repeat with remaining crepes. Spoon any remaining syrup over crepes. Serve immediately with whipped cream.

Nutrition Facts

381 calories; total fat 23g; saturated fat 14g; polyunsaturated fat 1g; monounsaturated fat 6g; cholesterol 121mg; sodium 291mg; potassium 163mg; carbohydrates 38g; fiber 1g; sugar 20g; protein 6g; trans fatty acid 1g; vitamin a 855IU; vitamin c 17mg; thiaminmg; riboflavinmg; niacin equivalents 1mg; vitamin b6mg; folate 58mcg; vitamin b12mcg; calcium 64mg; iron 1mg.