It may seem odd to leave waffle batter out overnight, but it's perfectly safe and helps develop a yeasty flavor. The method was made famous in Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book. If you don't fancy chocolate, orange and anise, flavor the waffles differently--or take 'em plain.

Source: Midwest Living


Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in the warm water; let stand for 10 minutes or until mixture is foamy. Stir in milk, butter, salt and sugar. Stir in flour until just combined. Stir in liqueur, chocolate, anise seeds and orange zest. Cover and let stand at room temperature overnight.

  • While the waffle iron heats, stir eggs and baking soda into the batter. Cook waffles according to manufacturer's directions. Serve with Syrupy Oranges, if desired.

Syrupy Oranges

In a small saucepan, combine 1/3 cup each sugar and water with the zest of 1 orange. Bring just to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat. Cool slightly, then stir in segments from 3 oranges.

Nutrition Facts

254 calories; total fat 9g; saturated fat 6g; polyunsaturated fatg; monounsaturated fat 2g; cholesterol 47mg; sodium 271mg; potassium 179mg; carbohydrates 38g; fiber 1g; sugar 21g; protein 5g; trans fatty acidg; vitamin a 371IU; vitamin c 15mg; thiaminmg; riboflavinmg; niacin equivalents 1mg; vitamin b6mg; folate 58mcg; vitamin b12mcg; calcium 83mg; iron 1mg.