Whether you spray, soak, strike a match or hit the town, these innovative takes on perfume and home fragrances are sure to tickle your senses.
Perfume and Home Fragrances

1. BASE LAYER Target's exclusive brand Mix:Bar offers seven chic aromas—think Tangerine Squeeze, Glass Rose and Cloud Musk—all of which can be worn individually, but are really meant to be layered together. They come in petite, portable brush pens that click to open and dispense a quick-drying, gel-based fragrance oil. $12. target.com

2. SIP AND SMELL Pop into Detroit's Sfumato Fragrances by day to shop an array of hand-blended fragrances and incense sticks (or book a session to create your own), all packaged in cool wax-sealed boxes. Come back to the Victorian mansion after dark, when the store turns into a cocktail bar called Castalia, to try one of their creative, scent-driven libations. sfumatofragrances.com

3. IN THE CLUB Anyone who loves to try new perfume will appreciate Skylar. The first-of-its-kind clean fragrance subscription service sends a new hypoallergenic and cruelty-free, limited edition rollerball fragrance every month. Not a fan of what you get? You can easily swap it out for an alternate. $20 per month. skylar.com

4. MOOD BOOST Chicago-based Lifetherapy is all about curating aroma combinations that impact your mood. Case in point, this bath soak comes in four fragrances: Grounded, Energized, Inspired and Loved. It's made with skin-friendly Himalayan and Dead Sea salts and omega-rich natural oils. $48. lifetherapy.com

5. PIT MASTER Step up your daily hygiene routine with WildCraft Company Natural Deodorant, an effective, aluminum-free deodorant made in Kansas City, Missouri. Options like lavender-cedar and geranium smell delightful, more akin to a light perfume than a deodorant. And bonus: A clay-based, baking soda-free line is available as well. $15. wildcraftco.com

6. FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE The Aromatherapy Collection from Remix by Giselle Wasfie features essential-oil-infused sprays that can help with focus, sleep and relaxation—handmade by an acupuncturist and herbalist in Chicago. Not a fan of wearing perfume? They work just as well used as room sprays. $45 each. remixlife.style

7. BOOK BURNING Unlike any candle we've ever seen (erm, smelled?), Hearth and Hammer's Literary Candles are inspired by a variety of bookish themes. The family-run company, located in Batavia, Illinois, handcrafts the soy wax candles, which smell great, burn beautifully and make the perfect gift for any book worm in your life. From $7. hearthandhammer.co