Garnet, scarlet, crimson and vermilion: Why shy away? Splash the season's cheeriest hues throughout your holiday cooking and decorating.
Red Hot
Credit: Greg Scheidemann

Cake Effect

Tint frosting in red, coral and pink. After applying a crumb coat, ice cake sides generously in three color bands and swirl the borders together for an ombre effect.

Bowl Game

Chill cranberry or pomegranate punch with ice cubes made by freezing water in muffin tins with cranberries on top.

Ring Tones

DIY a wreath by spray-painting an artificial one or wrapping colored tinsel densely around a foam wreath form, securing ends with hot glue. Attach ball ornaments.

Shades of Red

Pair bright reds like candy apple or fiery sriracha with hot pink, orange and coral for a playful look.

Layer classic cranberry with shades that have undertones of blue, such as garnet, claret wine or raspberry, for a richer feel.

Add metallics like gold, rose gold or copper to play up red’s natural warmth and add a touch of glamour.

Colored glass adds a pop of retro color to a buffet or tablescape.