For this do-it-yourself spring wreath, we bundled inexpensive paper-mache eggs in fuzzy, vibrant yarn.

A punched-up pastel palette signals spring's arrival. Jump-start the season with a whimsical yarn-wrapped egg wreath for a statement piece with no expiration date.

Easter Wreath on navy front door
Credit: Kelsey Hansen


  • Wire wreath form
  • Light-color felt
  • Hot glue
  • Excelsior (wood wool)
  • Yarn (assorted colors)
  • Paper-mache eggs
  • Sturdy wire

How To

To make this sweet Easter greeting, wrap a wire wreath form in strips of light-color felt, securing with hot glue. Next, cover the felt with excelsior (aka wood wool), securing with hot glue.

For eggs: Attach yarn to the bottom of a paper-mache egg with a small dot of hot glue. Coil the yarn around the egg, adding dots of hot glue as you go, until the egg is fully and snugly covered. (Pro tip: Use a fine-tip glue gun with a low-heat setting for fewer fingertip burns and a neater finish.) Attach eggs to the wreath with hot glue. Thread sturdy wire through the back of the felt and attach to the form underneath to make a hanger.

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