These intricate ornaments, a popular Christmas tradition in Scandinavia and Germany, spring from just four 1-foot-long strips of bias tape or folded, pressed fabric scraps.

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Updated August 25, 2020

Woven stars make not only Christmas ornaments; they double as cute gift toppers and also could tuck easily into an envelope alongside a Christmas card.

Bias-Tape Stars

Here's a how-to video we found helpful; this crafter uses cut, folded fabric scraps.

You can use the same technique with four 1-foot-long strips of bias tape. For details of folding, refer back to the video above.

1. Start with four 12-inch strips of bias tape.

2. Weave the strips to make a box pattern.

3. Fold to make star points.

4. Continue folding and tuck in the ends.

5. Press with an iron to set folds. Attach a hanger.