A simple wreath spotlights tone and texture. Here's how to make a stunning evergreen wreath.

A simple wreath spotlights tone and texture—such as wispy cypress, leafy boxwood and dusty juniper. Assemble your own, or simply add contrasting sprigs to dress up a standard-issue pine wreath.

Study in contrasts wreath

How to Design a Statement Evergreen Wreath

1. Source greenery from a local florist, tree farm or even your own yard. Wearing work gloves, use garden clippers to cut stems on a diagonal into uniform lengths (6–12 inches long, based on wreath size). Gently crush ends with a hammer, then soak in tepid water for a few hours.

2. Lay wreath form on a flat work surface. (We used a 36-inch ring; check local crafts stores or search online.)

3. Arrange a bundle of greenery on the form, with larger pieces on the bottom layer and smaller pieces on top. Wrap 22-gauge crafts wire around the bundle and frame; snip wire and tuck in ends.

4. Repeat step 3, arranging each greenery bundle to cover the previous wire wrap. Add cuttings until you've covered the frame.

5. Stand the wreath up (or hang it), and use additional cuttings to fill in any sparse spots.

Materials In Our Evergreen Wreath

Ponderosa Pine

Western Cedar

Incense Cedar



Blue Spruce

Cypress 'Carolina Sapphire'

Keeping Your Greens Green

Treat a new wreath once with homemade antidesiccant spray to help cuttings retain moisture. In a spray bottle, mix 1 drop pine oil with 1 quart water; use to mist greens. Then spritz fresh wreaths with plain water every few days to help them last.