Make this stunning wreath with juniper, cranberries and two varieties of fresh roses.
Holiday rose wreath

Start with a premade grapevine wreath (ours was 18 inches wide).

Holiday rose wreath

For a fresh wreath: Use florist's wire to make small bunches of fresh evergreens, such as juniper and variegated pittosporum. Generously attach to the grapevine until covered. At a floral shop, purchase small flower vials, fill with water, then add one rose to each. (We used 18 'Red Intuition' roses and about a dozen 'Hocus Pocus'.)

Insert the pointed ends of the vials into the grapevine, concentrating most of the larger 'Red Intuition' roses on one side. Water must be added to the vials every day to keep the roses alive. Using florist's wire, attach shiny red ball ornaments to florist's picks.

Thread fresh cranberries onto florist's wire, and tie them around the red ball ornaments. Then, insert the picks of the cranberry-decorated ornaments into the grapevine form. Wire small bunches of fresh hypericum and pepperberries to attach to the form.

Two dozen pussy willow twigs, half on each side of the largest grouping of roses, extend in broad arcs reaching about 25 inches long, creating the shape of a C. If you're using this wreath outdoors, you should wire the pussy willows in place. But indoors they'll stay put without wire when you tuck the ends into the grapevine wreath.

For a dried wreath: Follow instructions, but omit the vials of water for the dried roses. Add wire to dried rose stems and insert them into the grapevine form. Glue dried cranberries in a circle around the red balls. Use various types and textures of dried evergreens and berries.