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How to Transform Your Kitchen into a Happy, Healthy Space

If home is your sanctuary, then the kitchen is its soul. It should be a space with brains, brawn and good looks. Check out these ways to make yours faster, greener, cleaner (and prettier too).

Small Touches That Can Totally Transform Your Bedroom

An up-and-coming designer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a knack for blanketing rooms with small touches that matter. We’d happily tuck ourselves into any of these bedrooms and cozy nooks with a mug of tea and a good book.

How to Create an Artful Living Room

In the home of Des Moines gallery owner Liz Lidgett, a cozy and stylish living room becomes an ever-changing showcase of art, music and found treasures.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

An avalanche of pot lids. Granola bars gone MIA. Prehistoric spices. If your kitchen brings new meaning to "mess hall," take heart. We've called in a professional to help.

Goodbye Garage, Hello Dream Kitchen

A Minneapolis couple share how they turned their unwanted attached garage into the dream kitchen their Tudor definitely didn't have.

How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

Make your houseguests feel extra welcome with these 20 cozy tips and tricks. Warning: they may never want to leave.

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12 Ways to Maximize Your Office Space

Why do some offices—even tiny ones—seem to actually help you be more productive? Because they nail the details.

Kitchen Tour: Easy Upgrades

Busy with three little ones in suburban Minneapolis, Joanna Vielguth finds quick, stylish ways to customize her blank-slate builder kitchen.

One-Minute Inspiration: Kitchens

Why not harness the creativity that goes into cooking to make your kitchen fun-looking and inspiring. This video slideshow contains kitchens of all shapes, sizes and colors. When you see something you like, hit the pause button and dream away!