Roll up your sleeves and get ready to finally reach that ever-popular New Year's resolution—must get organized! A chalkboard wall calendar will help do the trick. You just need a free weekend, a few supplies (listed below) and a blank wall in a home office, mudroom or kitchen.
Chalkboard Wall Calendar
Chalkboard Wall Calendar

We used:
Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint in 1101 Fennel Seed, 720 Bella Blue and 716 Fantasy Blue
(Chalkboard paint is available in all Benjamin Moore colors.)
4-inch mini paint roller
1-inch artists paint brush
Painters tape
Straight edge
Measuring tape
Chalk/chalk markers
Damp cloth

Chalkboard Paint

First, determine the size of your wall calendar. Keep in mind that you'll need to paint 35 rectangles within the calendar's perimeter, so bigger is better. Our calendar is 33 inches high by 42 inches wide. Outline the perimeter with a pencil.

Outline the Perimeter

Tape off the perimeter with painters tape. Use a mini paint roller to apply the base coat for the calendar. We used 1101 Fennel Seed, a sand-color neutral. Let paint dry and recoat. Let dry 4 hours before proceeding with next step.

Base Calendar Coat

Draw the calendar layout with a pencil. (We recommend using a colored pencil in tan to blend with the paint color.) Starting from the top, draw 10 horizontal lines with the help of a level. Leave 4 inches at the top for writing the month and days of the week. Leave 3 inches at the bottom to frame the calendar. Draw lines so that each row is 4 inches high with a 1 1/2-inch separation between each. Divide the horizontal sections (for the days of the week) with six vertical lines.

Draw the Calendar Layout

Now it's time to color in the days of the week. For an ombre effect, paint each column a different shade. To avoid buying four different paint colors, mix the darkest and lightest to achieve the two middle shades. To do this, mix ¼ cup of the darker hue (we used 720 Bella Blue) with a ½ cup of the lighter (we used 716 Fantasy Blue); set aside to paint the third and fifth columns. Then mix ¼ cup of the lighter hue with ½ cup of the darker one; set aside to paint the second and sixth columns. At this stage, you can tape off columns and rows with painters tape or free-hand the project, using a 1-inch artists brush. The first and last columns should be the darkest hue; the fourth column should be the lightest.

Recoat each rectangle if necessary. Carefully remove painters tape. Touch up as needed. Let it cure three days. Before drawing onto the calendar with chalk or chalkboard markers, rub the painted surface with white chalk; then erase with a clean, damp cloth. (This will make it easier to erase chalk in the future.)

Paint the Days of the Week

To finish the calendar, write the month, days of the week and dates. For best results, use chalkboard markers.

Write the month, days of the week and dates

Ta-da! Now you can easily keep track of all those special family functions, sports practices and birthdays-on a calendar that looks like art!

Finished Calendar