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Learn tips and tricks to tame the clutter in your kitchen, bath, and other home spaces. Plus, browse ideas for hanging photos, showing off collections, arranging shelf displays and organizing with style.

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Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

An avalanche of pot lids. Granola bars gone MIA. Prehistoric spices. If your kitchen brings new meaning to “mess hall,” take heart. We’ve called in a professional to help.
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How to Make a Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to finally reach that ever-popular New Year's resolution—must get organized! A chalkboard wall calendar will help do the trick. You just need a free weekend, a few supplies (listed below) and a blank wall in a home office, mudroom or kitchen.
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20 Ideas for Storage with Baskets and Bins

No matter where you put containers—in cubbies, on shelves, under furniture—they store tons of stuff while adding charm to your decor. Here are 20 ways to use them.
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20 Ways to Create a Home Office Space

Solve workspace challenges with our ideas for creating a home office in just about any area of your house.
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15 Ideas for Shelf Displays

Restyle a cluttered shelf with these tips for arranging and organizing books, collectibles and other accessories.
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20 Stylish Shelf Solutions

Shelves are versatile ways to gain storage in your home.
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