A survey from Homes.com shows the changes and challenges of staying home during the coronavirus pandemic.

We're sleeping more, spending time with our pets, stocking up on frozen food and deep-cleaning our bathrooms. We miss going to the gym as well as seeing family and friends, but we're trying to keep busy with activities like puzzles, streaming shows and outdoor (socially distanced) rec. And those are just a few of the ways we're adapting to a new life spent largely at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Homes.com surveyed more than 1,000 people across the U.S. about what looks different now  in their homes and lives. Here are the answers Midwesterners gave:

Questions and responses

How have you adjusted your kitchen?

Stocked up on frozen food — 41.3%

Stocked the pantry with dry and canned goods — 40.8%

Cooked more than I have in years — 33.1%

Stocked up on snacks — 22.2%

Deep cleaned & sanitized cabinets and countertops — 20.4%

Scheduled virtual meals and/or happy hours — 8.8%

Kitchen organization
Credit: Greg Scheidemann

Where's your new 'office?'

I’m still working in my normal office building — 26.4%

I’m now working in my home’s office space — 22.0%

My dining room/kitchen — 13.8%

My basement — 13.7%

My living room/den — 13.0%

My bedroom — 10.4%

Home office

How have you adjusted your bedroom?

Washed and/or sanitized all my bedding — 35.1%

I’m sleeping a lot more — 29.6%

Finally took the time to clean out my closet — 19.2%

I can’t remember the last time I made my bed — 12.6%

Strategically placed snacks around the room — 12.6%

It’s now the place where I work out — 5.1%

Gender-neutral guest bedroom

How have you adjusted your bathroom?

Deep cleaned and sanitized everything — 32.8%

I’m washing the towels more often — 28.8.%

Purchased wipes and/or new cleaning supplies — 21%

Stocked up on toilet paper — 20.5%

Started cleaning everyday/every other day — 20.1%

Stocked up on hand soap — 19.1%

Budget bathroom vanity remodel

You’ve had to remain physically distant — what 'must-have' has helped you cope?

Spending time with my pet — 34.1%

Outdoor games/activities — 28.6%

Funny online videos/memes — 24.4%

Alcohol and/or snacks — 23.9%

Streaming subscriptions — 23.3%

Puzzles and other indoor games/activities — 21.3%

Dogs on porch
Credit: Werner Straube

What’s the most challenging aspect of being stuck at home?

Not being able to see friends or family — 44%

Spending too much time in front of screens — 30.8%

Not being able to go to the gym — 18.1%

My partner and/or kids are driving me crazy — 17.4%

Adjusting to working from home  — 16.8%

Knowing it’s making me lose income — 15.8%

What’s the most positive aspect about being stuck at home?

Saving money on restaurants/entertainment — 37.2%

Having more family time — 27.8%

Having time to work on my “to-do” list — 27.2%

Getting more sleep — 21.7%

I’m binge watching all the shows I want — 20.8%

Getting to wear PJ’s all day — 20.6%

If you haven’t adjusted your living spaces, why not?

My home is already how I need it — 52.2%

I’d need to shop for supplies; too dangerous — 15.9%

I don’t feel like it would help anything — 12.7%

Juggling working and parenting; no time! — 11%

Too stressed to tackle anything — 10.3%

Lost my job; too busy trying to find work — 4.8%

What home projects were you planning that the pandemic is now preventing you from tackling?

Buying new furniture — 25.3%

Painting my walls — 22.1

None — 16.9%

Renovating my bathroom — 12.0%

Renovating my kitchen — 9.8%

Upgrading appliances — 7.5%

Installing new flooring — 6.8%

What other general adjustments have you made?

I’ve finally cleaned out items for donation — 28.5%

I sanitize all of my mail and groceries now — 23%

Subscribed to a grocery delivery service — 19.3%

I wear gloves and/or face masks constantly — 18%

Stopped tidying since we have no visitors — 13.8%

None — 7.4%

I adopted/fostered a pet — 2.5%

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