An Iowa engineer uses her chemistry know-how to create all-natural dog shampoo.
Ann Staudt
Ann Staudt

Like many successful side hustles, chemical engineer Ann Staudt's began as a hobby. In college, she signed up for a class on crafting herbal bath products and got hooked. After perfecting her recipes, she launched Siberian Soap Co., inspired by her feisty Siberian Husky, Jackie Dog. Ann makes all-natural dog shampoos from a bedroom-turned-mini-laboratory in her Ames basement. Although she sells soaps for humans, too, her canine line is her most heartfelt. A portion of proceeds funds rescue organizations. "I've always had a soft spot for dogs," she says. "We're all bombarded by chemicals every day, so it's a thrill to create something simple and nourishing for pets."

Ann Staudt
Ann Staudt

Ingredient List-Why it Works

Just like food, soap should be made of ingredients you can pronounce, Ann says. Here's some of what goes into her bestselling Divine Canine shampoo bars.

Castor Oil A plant-based oil that creates thick lather and banishes fungi and bacteria.

Lavender A calming essential oil that soothes itchy skin and adds shine.

Coconut Oil Cleans and nourishes skin and leaves pups with soft, gleaming fur.

Lemongrass A clean-smelling essential oil that helps to repel insects like fleas and mosquitoes.

Siberian Soap Co.

Ann sells her products at local farmers markets and online.