When you're heading for an outdoors getaway, pack your bags with supplies that'll work as hard as you plan to play.

By Mary Beaumont; Photographer Marty Baldwin
April 15, 2019
Getaway gear
Getaway gear

Our picks in outdoor getaway gear will help you hike, cook, relax, whittle, photograph and journal.

Getaway gear
Getaway gear

1 Polyurethane Cords Stretching twice their length and impossible to break, the metal-free bungees won't scratch car or canoe. From $19 for six. thebetterbungee.com

2 Women's Moc Boot A classic from Minnesota's Red Wing Shoes, this 8-inch model repels stains and keeps feet dry as you tramp trails. $350. redwingheritage.com

3 Alamo Dog Treat Pouch A magnet snap provides quick access to treats to reward your pup; a heavy-duty clip secures it to your waist or pack. $32. wildebeest.co

4 Sandlite Sand-Free Mat Fabric layers allow sand, dirt and dust to filter down through the lightweight mat, paving the way for debris-free picnics and sunbathing. Three sizes are available in multiple patterns and colors. From $50. cgear-sandfree.com

5 Carve You've got time on your hands in a forest full of raw material … see where we're going? Small whittling projects (like a spoon or pair of dice) take a few hours and only a tool or two to finish. Clarkson Potter, $16. penguinrandomhouse.ca

6 The Campout Cookbook These recipes will majorly elevate your outdoor cooking menu-think spiced pork carnitas and caramel-raspberry s'mores-plus the book offers extras like packing lists and tips for selecting the perfect roasting stick. Artisan, $20. workman.com

7 Steel Combs Unbreakable tools feature a finish that ensures gentleness, even on backwoods bedhead. Pair with a handcrafted leather sheath. From $25 for sheaths, $27 for combs. chicagocomb.com

8 Travel Pack 2 The main compartment opens flat to make packing a breeze, and a smartly styled gear panel stores small items. $230. aersf.com

9 Hard Linen Journal Select size, color and paper type in lie-flat journals from a Detroit company. From $16. shinola.com

10 Griptight One GP Stand Working with any smartphone, its flexible legs wrap around objects, extend for selfies or provide a stable tripod base on surfaces. $35. joby.com