Designer Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design+Build shares sneak previews of her new Indianapolis home, including the vision she has for its key spaces.

Move or remodel? It's a common dilemma. Anissa and Brian Zajac of Indianapolis like to move and remodel.  Co-CEOs of House Seven Design+Build, the couple have lived in (and remodeled) a succession of several area homes over the last decade or so. The latest, House #9, is still a work in progress, but here's a peek at the spaces that made it worth another move.

Front Exterior: Instant Curb Appeal

Anissa and Brian started their renovation with the exterior of the two-story rambler, updating the dormer roof with new cedar shingles and choosing fresh paint colors: Sherwin-Williams Oyster for the siding and Analytical Gray for the trim. "It wasn't a major change to the exterior of the house but it brightened up what was already there," Anissa says.

Foyer concept
Credit: House Seven Design + Build

Foyer: Grand Entrance

Anissa's vision for the front entry includes intricate millwork on the stairwell and gracefully arched doorways framing the passageway back to the dining room and kitchen. To the right is the library/living room, with built-in bookcases and (hopefully) a grand piano.

Dining room concept for Houses Seven Design + Build
Credit: House Seven Design + Build

Dining Room: Open Seating

The dining room is open to the sunroom, which will flood a 10-foot-long table (on the way) with natural light and views for daytime meals. Custom French doors will replace sliding doors in the sunroom, creating more stylish outdoor access.

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Library/Living Room: Flexible Formality

With its traditional built-in bookcases, the library is formal enough to function like a classic parlor—a place to visit with guests when they arrive. But it's not too stuffy for family members to relax there with a book, music or memories. Natural light sets a meditative mood.

Family Room: Abundant Airiness

The couple tore out a wall to turn one of the bedrooms into a cozy family room that's open to the dining room. It's a bright and airy gathering space warmed by natural light, exposed wood on the ceiling, and relaxed-fit furnishings.

Backyard patio with dog
Credit: House Seven Design + Build

Backyard: Patio Paradise

Outdoor spaces expand a home's footprint into Mother Nature's realm. What's already a charming brick-paver patio with stylish seating will further evolve for spring and summer entertaining. Mumford the doodle can't wait!