This home’s dedicated cocktail room (#goals) serves up comfort, color, a jigger of moody and a garnish of glam.
cocktail room blue velvet chairs
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"What's great about designing a cocktail room is that you can break the rules," Designer Renee DiSanto says. 'Think F. Scott Fitzgerald-inspired private lounge. The more surprises and unique elements the better. Your cocktail room should feel different from the rest of your home."

Whether you have a dedicated cocktail lounge at home or a smaller-scale setup, use these designer-approved ideas to add flavor to your space.

Define Your Palette

Designers Renee DiSanto and Christina Samatas used muted blues and brass accents to create a sophisticated look in this Glen Ellyn, Illinois, house. A wood-paneled ceiling and geometric chandelier add high drama.

shaker style cocktail room dark blues
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Choose Durable Fabrics

Cushy armchairs rest on sealed limestone tile that's easy to clean if a drink spills. Performance velvet is both luxe and durable, DiSanto says: "People swear by it. Some say it lasts over 30 years."

wet bar blue cabinetry
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Make Mixology a Breeze

All beverage prep happens here. The tall custom built-in holds a sink, wine (chilled and room temp), ice, mixers, trays and utensils. A quartzite countertop practically shrugs off liquids.

Add Impactful Details

An antique mirror oozes elegance, and a reticulating faucet starts the flow of conversation. "It's functional yet modern and makes for a lovely centerpiece," DiSanto says. "Everyone will ask about it."