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Take an insiders' look at some of the most inspiring homes throughout the Midwest, and get ideas for decorating your own home.

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A Fresh Take on Classic Charm: 1947 Chicago Cottage Renovation

A young designer and her husband bought a turnkey flip outside Chicago—then painted, tiled and decorated their way to cottage character.

Chicago Cottage Buying Guide

Find out more about paint colors and accessories for the Chicago home featured in our July/August 2021 issue.

Michigan Cottage Buying Guide

Find out more about paint colors and accessories for the Michigan cottage featured in our May/June 2021 issue.

A 1949 Michigan Cottage Gets a Fresh and Fabulous Look

When a fearless stylist and fashion designer adopts her in-laws’ cottage on Michigan’s wild Upper Peninsula, one thing is certain: the look is going to be fabulous.

This Renovation Took Nearly 20 Years, But It Was Worth It

At the end of a marathon renovation, this Missouri home buzzes with vibrant creativity—just like the family that inhabits it.

A Split-Level Home Reimagined

Wisconsin designer Jordan Gottsacker had a pretty good idea about what her clients wanted in their forever home. After all, she’s known them her entire life.

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How a DIY Couple Transforms Their North Dakota Home For The Holidays

On the outside, you can hardly tell this North Dakota home from its suburban neighbors. Inside, though? That’s another story.

See How This Designer Totally Transformed a 1980 Michigan Home

A Los Angeles designer ditches the big city for a woodsy Michigan fixer-upper, reimagining both the home and her family’s lifestyle.

House Tour: Ranch Renovation

Following a trusty recipe—equal parts handcrafted, new and renewed—a Kansas couple transforms a nondescript ’80s home into an enviable family oasis.