Show your state pride with paint color palettes created to represent the landscapes and adventures of each state.

By Jessie Spangler
April 08, 2019

For Indiana, it's bright hues, such as Confident Yellow and Direct Green. For Nebraska, the palette turns to prairie inspiration, with pale blue (Open Air) and beige (Tumblin' Tumbleweed). Those are two of the color palettes Sherwin-Williams is creating to represent every state in the U.S. The palettes are meant to showcase the "unique landscapes and adventures each state has to offer."

So far, Sherwin-Williams has released more than 30 states for the State Your Color collection, each with a trio of paint colors. The states have been announced one by one on Instagram @sherwinwilliams. Eight out of 12 Midwest states have been revealed: Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. About one or two palettes will be released every month, according to Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-WIlliams.

"Every state is unique, from geography to plant life, leisure activities and food," Wadden told Midwest Living. "We wanted to represent the individual personality of each state with paint colors, so homeowners could show their state pride in a unique and colorful way."

Colors are chosen by the color forecasting team after talks about what makes each state unique. Choices are narrowed down based on color and color name to make cohesive palettes, according to Wadden. Fans are also asked to submit ideas.

Here are the Midwest colors released so far:


"We're waving the green flag with this palette inspired by the crossroads of America," says Sherwin-Williams. The bold colors were released right before the Hoosier State's legendary Indy 500 race.


Sherwin-Williams found no shortage of inspiration in this state. "Whether you catch a Copper Harbor sunset, feed your soul in Motown, go back in time at Greenfield Village or wash your cares away along the shoes of the Great Lakes, this palette's for you," the company said when announcing Michigan's trio of Copper Harbor, Soulful Blue and Great Green.


"Whether ice fishing on Lake Superior, pontoon boating on Lake Minnetonka or exploring the state's scenic shoreline, you're sure to find some waterborne recreation in the North Star State," says Sherwin-Williams. These colors will inspire lakeshore memories.


"From its jazz and blues roots to its iconic Gateway arch, this month's palette inspires a Midwest state of mind," Sherwin-Williams said when releasing Missouri's colors, noting that "when it comes to all-American adventure, baseball, barbecue and beer are just a small part (or should we say taste?) of the Show Me State."


Colors were inspired by Nebraska's "harvesting hues" and "endless views of the Great Plains." Sherwin-Williams says, "When you're in Nebraska, it's easy to get lost in a daydream."


Ohio's hues include the bright red of the state bird (a cardinal), a vibrant blue to represent the Great Lakes and a warm brown reminding us of home. Sherwin-Williams kicked off its State Your Colors series three years ago with Ohio, the company's home state.

South Dakota

"A mountain of color awaits in the Mt. Rushmore State. From its granite peaks and rugged Badlands to the grasslands of its Great Plains, the South Dakota scenery seems almost as endless as its vast, nightttime sky." Check out the landscape hues of Grassland, Vast Sky and Granite Peak.


"Cheeseheads love their dairy, after all. But they also dig the summer days of Summerfest (while sipping a local Milwaukee brew, no doubt). From teams to tastes to traditions, pride runs deep in the great state of Wisconsin," Sherwin-WIlliams said in a recent Instagram post. Cheers to the Badger State.