For just a few dollars, you can make armfuls of fluffy tissue paper flowers for Cinco de May or any time.

April 14, 2015
Tissue paper flowers
Tissue paper flowers

Have you ever been in a quiet Mexican restaurant that was decorated in soft neutrals? Didn't think so. For Cinco de Mayo or any time, here's how to turn a party into a fiesta, starting with tissue paper flowers.

For just a few bucks, we made armfuls of tissue paper flowers like the ones pictured. Here's the method we used.

More easy ideas for your party:

• Spread a striped poncho on the table

• Trot out a piñata

• Set the mood with a little música. Let the free website Pandora curate a station to get you groovin'. For peppy folk tunes, plug in Sones de México, a Chicago-based, Grammy-nominated group that uses dozesn of traditional instruments. For a taste of Latin pop, cue up Maná, a rock band that's been an international fixture since the 90s and just released a huge single, "Mi Verdad," with Shakira.

Tissue paper flowers