Whether they're family heirlooms or flea-market finds, your vintage teacups shouldn't be hiding in a cabinet. These fun ways to reuse them will have you wiping the dust off your collection.

Fancy Catch-all Mismatched teacups double as storage containers for small, easy-to-lose items. Leave a set on your desk to organize office supplies, or create a colorful jewelry display on a dresser.

teacup storage

Pinky Up Planters Indoor gardens are getting a sweet upgrade. Charming when sitting on a shelf or windowsill, a teacup arrangment is ideal for potting short-rooted plants like succulents.

teacup flower arrangement

Tabletop Vessels Dress up your next dinner party with teacup dippers. The petite dishes work wonderfully for storing condiments, dips, snack mixes and more. The best part? Each teacup's pattern adds to the table decor.

creative ways to use teacups

Sweet-as-Can-Be Candles A wick and some wax turn a teacup into an adorable, aromatic decor piece. Perfect for hostess or holiday gifts, these candles are a breeze to make. Simply use a hot glue gun to attach a pre-waxed wick (available in craft stores) to the bottom of an empty teacup. Keep the wick upright and centered by twisting the top end around a pencil and resting it on the rim of the teacup. Melt old, partially burned candles in a small pot over a larger pan of simmering water. Pour melted wax into teacup, stopping 1/2 inch below the rim. Set aside for an hour to let the wax set. To finish, cut the wick 1/2 inch from the hardened wax.

teacup candles

Stack and Display Your teacup collection adds character to vintage buffets and other pieces, especially when creatively displayed.


Dainty Scoops Large glass jars are functional yet fashionable storage solutions for bulk items like flour or powdered laundry detergent. Place a teacup inside to get a pretty alternative to a plastic scoop.

pantry storage