Chalkboards suit every mood—just erase and start fresh. Now they’re even more flexible with chalkboard paint in colors to match any decor.

Seasonal vases Isn't it fortuitous that spring, summer, autumn and winter all have six letters? Stay in season by relettering squares of chalkboard paint on ceramic vases. Keep them filled with blooms that suit the time of year.

Seasonal chalkboard vases

Wallpaper stencil Create change-your-mind wallpaper by repeating stencil shapes. We chose a regimented pattern of tropical leaves, but the only limit on the look is your imagination. Keeping the chalk above a chair rail reduces the chance of smudges.

Wallpaper chalkboard paint stencil

Framed souvenirs For art that acts as a memory keeper, remove the glass of readymade frames and paint the backboard with blue chalkboard paint. Hot-glue on found vacation treasures. Label them with state names or personal notes written in chalk to identify where or how you found each item.

Framed souvenirs with chalkboard paint

Resources Chalkboard paint (available in more than 3,300 hues; sold in quarts only). Frames-Chalkboard background color: 2057-40 Ash Blue. Vases-Chalkboard square color: 1348 Razzle Dazzle. Wall-Chalkboard wall color: 2147-30 Jalapeno Pepper. Benjamin Moore (855) 724-6802; Leaf stencil Michaels (800) 642-4235;