Add color and style to walls with small-scale paint projects that pack a punch.
Boost a bed.

Boost a bed

Create a headboard design with paint and a large stencil pattern, like this trellis. We used white paint on a dark wall for a reversed-out effect. Determine headboard size; ours is 60x54 inches for a queen. Then tape off and paint a 2 12-inch-wide border inside the marked area. When dry, center stencil, securing it with stencil spray adhesive. To prevent bleeding, apply paint in multiple thin layers. Reposition stencil and repeat. Use a round artist's brush for touch-ups.

Bedding Classic Hemstitch White Sheet Set. Petite Trellis White Matelassé Bed Skirt. Pleated Linen White Duvet Cover. Standard Interlaken White Matelassé Shams. Pine Cone Hill. Paint colors (Wall) 7019 Gauntlet Gray. Sherwin-Williams. (Headboard) Craft Smart Acrylic Paint, color: white. Michaels. Pillows Braided Velvet Pillow, color: Lake. Emerson Pillow, color: Watermelon. Company C. Stencil Covington Allover Stencil. Cutting Edge Stencils. Rug Spectrum Rug, color: Lake. Company C.

Boost a bed.

Amplify art

A vibrant print above an entry table looks even more striking framed with a two-tone paint accent. Pull one hue from the artwork, and buy it in two shades. Tape off a floor-to-ceiling section that's 16 to 20 inches wider than the table. Roll on the darker paint. After it dries, draw a square (or other shape that mimics your art). Ours starts 5 inches above the tabletop and extends 5 inches on all sides of the print. Tape off the inner square; roll on coats of the lighter shade.

Artwork Contemporary Garden I. Paint colors (Wall) 7017 Dorian Gray. (Darker red) 6601 Tanager. (Lighter red) 6870 Ablaze. Sherwin-Williams.


Enhance architecture

A simple silhouette gives an interior door focal-point status. Draw a 5-inch-wide border around the frame. For the peak, measure 5 inches above the top line's center point. Connect the peak to the top corners. Tape off the border (and molding) and roll on paint. Paint baseboards to extend color.

Chair 3020-01. Lee Industries. Paint colors (Wall) 7006 Extra White. (Border) 6494 Lakeshore. Sherwin-Williams.



Create crisp lines For all projects, place painter's tape along lines drawn using a straightedge and level. Apply a coat of existing wall color over the inside edge of the tape. When the paint dries, it will form a seal so that an accent color won't be able to bleed underneath the tape. After an accent color is applied, remove tape for clean lines.