Stay home and pamper safely with finds that will turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation destination.

1) HEAVEN SCENT The Moen Aromatherapy Handshower comes with essential oil-filled capsules that infuse scent into your shower, turning a run-of-the-mill task into a moment of bliss. Choose from four aromatherapeutic blends to fit your mood. Also nice: It’s incredibly easy to install, no power tools required. From $129 for showerhead plus four capsules.

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Moen Aromatherapy Handshower
| Credit: Courtesy of Moen

2) BRUSH UP Dry brushing before bathing is an easy way to exfoliate, boost circulation and even minimize the look of cellulite (it’s true). Not to mention that it just feels so darn good. The EcoTools Dry Body Brush boasts a wallet-friendly price tag and looks pretty displayed in your bathroom. $5.

Home spa
EcoTools Dry Body Brush
| Credit: Courtesy of EcoTools

3) SUPER SOAK Kansas City-based Native Atlas crafts face and body products with pure, plant-based botanicals. Try Circulation Soak; a few scoops of the Epsom salt-based mix bring sweet relief to achy muscles. The bath soak’s ingredients include Epsom salt for inflammation and mustard seed to aid circulation. $18 for a two- to four-bath supply.

Home spa
Native Atlas Circulation Soak
| Credit: Courtesy of Native Atlas

4) FACE VALUE The owner of a pair of spas in Chicago and Kalamazoo, Michigan, aesthetician Elina Fedotova also has a line of skin care products. Her latest, the Elina Organics Crushed Copper Purifying Mask, purifies, detoxifies and evens out skin tone—exactly what your complexion needs post-summer. $42.

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Elina Organics Crushed Copper Purifying Mask
| Credit: Courtesy of Elina Organics

5) NEW FLAME Perhaps the quickest way to turn your bathroom into a Zen retreat? Light a candle. The scent of Bath and Body Works’ Eucalyptus + Spearmint 3-Wick Candle nails that perfect spa alchemy of equal parts calming and invigorating. All that’s missing is the cucumber water. $25.

Home spa
Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Candle
| Credit: Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

6) HIGH ROLLER Town and Anchor is one of Chicago’s most beloved beauty brands, known for natural, sustainable skin care and tools. A few minutes of face rolling (before and after applying serum or moisturizer) with their Dalmatian Stone Roller can help flush out toxins and improve the penetration of products. Plus it’s so relaxing. $31.

Dalmatian Stone Roller
Dalmatian Stone Roller from Town and Anchor
| Credit: Courtesy of Town and Anchor

7) WELL-HEELED Named for owner Chaundra Turner’s hometown (she grew up in the area of Chicago), Chatham Natural Skin Care’s array of nontoxic beauty products is formulated for dry or sensitive skin. The Joyful Feet kit makes at-home pedis easy with a foot soak, scrub and hydrating butter. $18.

Home spa
Joyful Feet kit from Chatham Natural Skin Care
| Credit: Courtesy of Chatham Natural Skin Care