Create a beauty routine that’s better for you and for the environment with these win-win products.
Eco-friendly beauty products


We're not sure what we like more about Innbeauty Project's Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush. Is it the 100 percent vegan, hydrating and anti-aging formula? Or the fact that it comes in the world's first completely curbside-recyclable airless pump package? Happily, there's no need to choose. $28.


With the introduction of Dove Refillable Deodorant, Unilever aims to reduce the use of virgin plastic by more than 20,500 tons per year. Buy the stainless-ssteel case once (it's backed by a lifetime guarantee), then purchase refills of the aluminum-free deodorant as needed. Can't bear to part ways with antiperspirants? Dove plans to expand the line eventually to include them. $15 for case and refill.


Swap your plastic bottles for HiBAR shampoo bars from Minnesota. They come in recyclable and compostable packaging, drastically minimizing waste. The five different formulas work on all hair types and are free of silicones, sulfates, fragrances, phthalates and parabens. (In our experience, if you use a bar shampoo, you definitely don't want to skip conditioner. Luckily, HiBAR offers both.) $


Chicago's Lena Rose Beauty is a can't-miss destination for any eco-minded cosmetics-lover. Shop their line of in-house, handmade products, as well as a selection of natural beauty brands curated by owner Jenny Duranski. And be sure to check out the extensive menu of holistic spa services, including heavenly manis and body scrubs and bliss-inducing facials.


Chicago-based beauty expert Jenny Patinkin's Pure Luxury Makeup Sponge Duo offers nontoxic sponges free of chemicals and dyes. Safer for both your skin and the environment, they can be washed weekly for up to six months, then recycled. $32.

Second Life

Many beauty product packages don't qualify for city recycling programs—but that doesn't mean they can't find a new life. Enter TerraCycle, a company committed to making sure that any material that can be recycled will be. Keep a box (finally, a use for those Amazon cartons!) for collecting empties, and when it's full, visit to register and print a free shipping label.