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This Storage-Packed Kitchen Remodel is a Baker's Dream
Everyone's adding home offices. This family took one away, removing a wall to create a kitchen with spaces for both the adults and the baker in the household.
A Bold Remodel Helped This Mid-Mod Michigan Home Unleash Its Wild Side
With an appreciation for their home's mid-mod roots and an eye to their family's future, a Michigan couple puts stock in a remodeling portfolio full of bold choices.
Mid-Mod Michigan Home Buying Guide
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MegMade Transforms Old Wood Furniture into Inspiring Statement Pieces — Here's How You Can Too
You don't need to be a DIY aficionado to refresh old furniture with paint. Get inspiration and tips from Meg Piercy, a Chicago entrepreneur who turned one dresser into big business and TV fame.
How to Prep and Paint Wood Furniture, According to a Pro
Meg Piercy, owner of furniture restyling company MegMade in Chicago, offers this step-by-step tutorial on rescuing an old piece.
Meet Porter Teleo, a Wall Covering and Fabric Studio in Kansas City
Describing wallpaper as jaw-dropping sounds excessive—until you browse a Porter Teleo lookbook. The friends who founded the Missouri company and still design every pattern open the doors to their creative process. 

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A California native finds a second home at the helm of an industrial weaving studio for fellow artists, including adults with developmental disabilities.
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