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Tour a Norwegian Heritage-Inspired Hideaway in Northeast Iowa
A serene parcel of land near Decorah called to Gail and Larry Larson. They answered with a trio of cabins inspired by their Norwegian heritage.
DIY Pistachio Wheat Stalks for Fall Decorating
Turn your snacking into crafting. With hot glue and bamboo skewers, a handful of pistachios can become a creative accent to display in vases or jars—just make sure you save the shells as you nosh!
12 Ways to Explore Scandi Style and Craft in the Midwest
Across the Midwest, artisans and shops make it easy to furnish your home in Scandi style—whether you crave mod patterns, heritage pieces or whimsical gnomes.
The Ultimate Summer Hangout for a Craft-Brew-Loving Family
The Minnesota lakeside retreat featured in our Summer 2022 issue also has a private pub! Peek inside, see what's on tap and get the resources for the rest of the home. 

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A Modern and Rustic Lakeside Retreat Designed for Family Fun
Looking for a place to gather with their grown children, Minnesota couple took the plunge on a new family compound—soaked in lake water, dusted with sand and chased with craft beer.
Serial Remodelers Rescued This Historic Indianapolis Home with a Rustic and Refined Makeover
Roll credits? Not so fast. Because (spoiler alert) this episode is not the series finale.
These DIY Orange Beeswax Candles Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Don't toss those orange peels! Instead, use them as vessels for our super-simple and fragrant candles.