St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday that hints at the coming of spring—even though temps may still be freezing! Get in the spring mood with sweet and subtle ways to bring a touch of green (and a pot of gold) to your home decor.

White and gold florals

Gather up white and gold vases and planters to display white flowers, either cut or potted. I used white pansies that I can plant outside later, and cut white daisies. The white petals are a perfect crossover between winter snows and spring blooms, and the white and green will be a subtle way to bring Irish hues to your home.

Green, white and gold decor
Credit: Abbie Burgess

Green depression glass

Depression glass was mass-produced for low prices, mainly in the 1920s and 1930s, gaining its name during the Great Depression. It was manufactured in many colors, but green remains popular and collectible. If you have a few pieces of real depression glass, what better time to use them than the holiday that celebrates green? Replica depression glass can be found in stores-it's trendy right now-so you can buy it for St. Patrick's Day. Need something to put in your green glass? Gold chocolate coins are just the thing. Place everything on a lace tablecloth for instant Irish charm.

Decorating with depression glass
Decorating with depression glass
| Credit: Abbie Burgess

Door decorations

I like adding seasonal decor to my front door, so why pass up the opportunity for St. Patrick's Day? I'm always a fan of homemade decor whenever possible, but this time I picked up a mass-produced sign at a craft store which did the trick while saving me time.

Front door decoration
Credit: Abbie Burgess

A pot of gold

Another St. Patrick's Day motif can bring a rainbow of color to your home during a gray time of year. The rainbow menu was made with children's non-toxic watercolor paints and watercolor brushes. So simple! While gold is the metal associated with the holiday, don't be shy about mixing metals. Copper, silver, gold, burnished bronze and stainless steel can be mixed and matched on the table.

Rainbow menu
Credit: Abbie Burgess

Breakfast fit for a leprechaun

Feed your little leprechauns-or you-a healthy, delicious smoothie you can eat with a spoon. I enjoy pouring smoothies into bowls, because it provides a larger canvas with which to cover with edible decorations. Try coconut chips, chia seeds, chocolate chips and banana chips for flavor and texture. Or go for a full rainbow with brightly colored fruits.

Green tea
Credit: Abbie Burgess

Paper craft

A very simple craft project that will bring a little bit more festivity to your St. Patrick's Day decorations-and all you need is green paper. Cut out shamrocks, glue them onto toothpicks and stick them into desserts and plants for instant pizzazz. Or use triangles hot-glued onto a string for a banner. No pinches required-you're in the green.

Green flags
Credit: Abbie Burgess

Grow green

Group houseplants together for a palette of green. There is power in numbers for houseplants as well-by being near one another, they create a microclimate that helps them grow.

Plant groupings
Credit: Abbie Burgess