In these holiday crafts, scissors cut paper snowflakes, paper covers gifts in rock patterns and rock crushes seasonal style.
Rock, paper, scissors

Create beautiful wrapping paper, marbleized bias tape, rolled-paper wreaths, giant snowflakes and a paper cone forest with our techniques for crafting with rocks, paper and scissors.

How to Make Gift Wrap

For the spattered effect that spreads across some of our packages above, flick diluted chalk or craft paint with a toothbrush onto kraft paper. For a marbled effect, follow instructions below. The finishing touch? Use a Pigma micron pen to write on predrilled stones (LakeHouseBeachGlass,


How to Create a Faux Stone Effect

Give white paper and cotton bias tape a marble pattern in a matter of minutes.

What You'll Need

Roll of white paper
Assorted white cotton bias tape (for ribbon)
Craft paints (your choice of colors)
Plastic gloves
Liquid starch
Two 16x22-inch plastic tubs
Tool rake (see below)*


1. Add 4 cups liquid starch and 1 teaspoon alum to a tub. Fill a second tub with water.

2. Dilute craft paint (2 parts paint to 3 parts water). Add a few drops to first tub. Slowly pull tool rake through the liquid in one direction, then the other to create a marble effect.

3. Lay paper (cut to fit inside tub) on starch surface. Rinse in second tub.

4. Lay flat to dry.

5. Repeat with new paper. Reset marble bath if liquid gets too murky.


*Make a marbleizing tool rake by duct-taping toothpicks 1/2–1 inch apart on a 4x12-inch piece of cardboard.


How to Make a Giant Rolled-Paper Wreath

Scale pushes the ordinary to extraordinary with our giant 3-foot wreath.

What You'll Need

Assorted gift wrap cut to about 12x14-inch pieces (our 3-foot wreath used 138 pieces)
12-inch Masonite floral form
Floral wire for hanging
Hot-glue gun


1. Tight-roll each paper scrap around a pencil; secure with hot glue.

2. Wire back of floral form for hanging.

3.  Glue first paper roll to the form, leaving 2–3 inches overhang on the form's inside. Repeat on opposite side and on top and bottom to create a cross. Place a few rolls on opposite sides of these initial four, forming a circle for the center.

4. Build around the wreath, adding rolls to each area. Trim outer edge to desired size.

Hide-and-peek: Cone trees

How to Make Hide-and-Peek Cone Trees

Our paper forest hides treats for a sweet Christmas countdown.

What You'll Need

Marbled papers
Assorted scrapbook papers
Cone templates (online)
Craft tape
Bone folder


1. Print templates (

2. Trace onto paper of choice and cut.

3. Fold paper into cone. Use bone folder and ruler to crease line where edges meet. Secure with double-sided tape.

4. Write number on paper circle. Attach to cone with tape.


How to Make Giant Snowflakes

Follow the same cuts you did as a kid, but go big with 36x48-inch butcher paper for impact.